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Sustainable Living Leadership Program

8-week Training for Religious/Spiritual Individuals

Changing key human behaviors at scale is indispensable to avoiding devastating levels of climate change and creating a flourishing future. Research shows conclusively that three areas of behavior - transportation, home energy use, and diet - are responsible for the vast majority of our personal carbon emissions.

Living the Change, a new global initiative to foster truly sustainable lifestyles, is inviting members of spiritual and faith communities around the world to join an eight-week online training course. The program is designed to equip participants to engage their communities in reducing these emissions at levels consistent with a livable future.

Through a supportive community, participants will learn and share what motivates and challenges behaviour change. The program will include an interactive course of five online sessions, culminating in a local event during the Week of Living the Change in October. Those joining the program will be inspired to further their own personal commitments, learn how faith and spirituality can support sustainable choices, and become part of an emerging international, multi-faith network.

We hope participants will:

  • be inspired by the importance of this initiative and motivated to engage their communities

  • be equipped with knowledge, skills and resources to foster sustainable living

  • gain confidence to organize an inspiring local event on sustainable living during the “Week of Living the Change”

  • enjoy a multi-faith network of support with other local faith leaders from diverse contexts.

Any member of a spiritual or faith community who wants to act as a multiplier or leader for sustainable living is encouraged to apply.

Participants will include local imams, priests, rabbis, ministers, religious educators, members of diverse faith or spiritual communities, lay leaders, youth leaders, outreach leaders, and many more. A maximum of 50 participants will be part of the pilot cohort for this training.

The training runs from Monday, 20 August to Monday, 29 October 2018. Those taking part will participate in five online sessions, readings, and self-reflection, and will also organize a sustainable living event in their community. You should plan on spending 2 hours per week on the training, with a larger amount of time during the month before the October event.

Thanks to the KR Foundation and the engagement of an international multi-faith coalition, there are no fees required for participants in this training.

Participants need to commit time and be equipped with the necessary technical devices (computer/tablet/smartphone, microphone, webcam) to join the online sessions, to report about the local assignments, and to join global efforts during the Week of Living the Change.

The training will be practice-oriented and focus on experiential learning.

Online sessions: These meetings will provide a platform for learning, sharing, and discussion. Short inputs by sustainable living experts and representatives of different faith and spiritual communities will lead into interactive discussions. Participation in all online sessions is required. The meetings will be recorded for review and made available for subscribed participants.

Experiential learning: In between the online sessions, there will be practical assignments (see below) and regular communication within the group.

Small teams: Each participant will be teamed up with 3 others (usually from different religious backgrounds and/or geographic regions) for break-out groups during the online sessions, exercises, and mutual support.

Local engagement: Participants will develop their own strategy to promote sustainable living in their local area. Each participant will reflect on their role and context, hold conversations in their own spiritual or faith community, and develop a creative solution and activity. Participants will share regularly about their progress, receiving and offering feedback to enrich the learning experience.

Local event: All participants will organize a local event in their faith community during the Week of Living the Change between 7-14 October 2018. Participants can apply for a small grant for this event.

20 August: 1st Online session

3 September: 2nd Online session

17 September: 3rd Online session

1 October: 4th Online session

Between 7-14 October: Local event in your community

22 October: 5th Online session

Participants who have joined at least 4 sessions, submitted and presented an assignment, and organised a local action will receive a Certificate of Completion from GreenFaith.

The curriculum will include a series of web-based discussions, curated by experienced facilitators and involving renowned international sustainable living experts. They will be addressing key facets of an effective engagement of sustainable living.

Why it matters: The impacts of sustainable lifestyle changes” (online session)

We can do this together: Engaging my community” (online session)

Narratives of transformation: Communicating sustainable living” (online session)

Joyful changes: The psychology of changing individual behaviours” (online session)

Community event (locally in-person)

Evaluation and Certificate Ceremony (online and locally in-person)

For the latest news and developments, and to engage with other participants in the program, please follow our Facebook Event page here!

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